About Cognisance

Think of me as a ‘fully cognisant Canadian’ with opinions that you may find interesting, provocative, or (forgive my conceit) enlightening. I am a retired professional, Canadian, who needs to keep writing, just for the exercise of it so the words keep flowing. British spellings were fundamental to my education so don’t conclude that I am an expat living overseas.

I am most opinionated about politics, culture, heritage, and language. You might not think that those four discussion areas are intrinsically related but they are.

I enjoy gardening, though at 70, it has become more physically demanding.

I admire Norway as much as my own country, particularly for their efforts in Winter Olympic Games. On a per capita statistical basis, no country equals their success on skis; they take home the most medals. One imagines that every child is able to ski by the age of 3. They are 5 million people driven to do extraordinary things.

Living next door to Americans isn’t easy. Their culture invades my country every day. You may be sure that I will write often about that daily struggle.

If you see pictures in my blog, you can be certain that they are images that my wife or I have taken with a phone or camera.

Geoffrey Brittan


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