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Think of me as a ‘fully cognisant Canadian’ with opinions that you may find interesting, provocative, or (forgive my conceit) enlightening. I am a retired professional, Canadian, who needs to keep writing, just for the exercise of it so the words keep flowing. British spellings were fundamental to my education so don’t conclude that I am an expat living overseas.

I am most opinionated about politics, culture, heritage, and language. You might not think that those four discussion areas are intrinsically related but they are.

I enjoy gardening, though at 71, it has become more physically demanding.

I admire Norway as much as my own country, particularly for their efforts in Winter Olympic Games. On a per capita statistical basis, no country equals their success on skis; they take home the most medals. One imagines that every child is able to ski by the age of 3. They are 5 million people driven to do extraordinary things.

Living next door to Americans isn’t easy. Their culture invades my country every day. You may be sure that I will write often about that daily struggle.

If you see pictures in my blog, you can be certain that they are images that my wife or I have taken with a phone or camera but this is not a space for pictures. It’s a place for composing, writing, and editing words. I can be found on facebook for anyone who imagines that we know each other. Cognisance is written for people who like to read, rather than look for images, so the printed words are the essence and purpose of this blog.

Geoffrey Brittan

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  1. Fellow Canuck now living in the US for the past23 years. We’re close in age (I’m 75) so perhaps we share similar views in the areas you outlined. I’ll be interested in reading your take on the Freedom Convoy and the response of PM Trudeau. 🙂


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